Nikki Britt Convention Doll

For those who follow her or us on Facebook, Nikki Britt has “leaked” information on her event doll.We don’t have any actual pictures of the doll – but she has provided us with a pre-production sketch:ppcolor

We have been informed that there may be a few more available (still at $625USD) than it was initially thought – please e-mail for details.

Doll is waitlisted. Convention registrations are still available on the regular registration page.


  1. Comment by Charles Brown:

    Unless I mistyped the information for the meal event page, the doll is 10 inches tall.

  2. Comment by Janis Lotfalian:

    I cannot get the subscribe buttons to work for me. I would like to register for this event. I am already registered for the convention.
    Am I the only one having this problem?

  3. Comment by judy johnson:

    Does the $650 include her event?

  4. Comment by marline:

    i was wanting to get a peppermint annie by Nikki Britt. I talked to her today and she informed me that i can buy one from you. i seen you offer payment plans. can you tell me how much down and how long? thanks

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