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Born and raised in Minneapolis, MN, Mary Madeco-Smith has been deeply involved in the Arts for over 30 years, with a primary focus on painting. Currently her studio is in the “country”, where for the last 15 years she’s been doing face-ups, repaints and making clothing for BJDs, Sasha, and an occasional Evangeline


“Belle, La belle bête” (Belle, The Beautiful Beast)

The Story:

French Poet and Director, Jean Cocteau’s 1946 romantic fairy tale film, La Belle et La Bête (the beautiful one and the animal/Beauty and the Beast) is the base for my story. The Prince’s parents did not believe in spirits and he was turned into an animal. My Belle has no issue with spirits and chooses to leave the humans and turn into a creature of the forest to be with her Beast for her happy ever after. Her mask references Diana, The Huntress, in the film.


The Outfit:

Slightly iridescent Douppioni/taffeta gray silk dress with machine and hand sewn bodice and lined attached skirt. The intention was to create a dress inspired by the original dress of the Film but with a “severe, minimal, graceful and more sculptural quality”. This is partially achieved by elastic hoops at the inside cuffs and occasional sleeve gathers. Trims are faux pearl and cut and gathered vintage skirt fabric. Hand made sterling silver and czech glass earrings are by TinyJewelsShop. Commercial stockings, underwear and (refitted) shoes are commercial. Additional silver saran hair was added as a removable braid. Only the eyes have been slightly enhanced by me. Mask is acrylic over-painted Paper Clay made by me.

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Cocteau's La belle et la bete


  1. Comment by Sherri Travers:

    Simply Fabulous! Incredible detail and beauty – you are going to make the judges’ job difficult 🙂 Where do we mere mortals find you for face-ups and costuming for our dolls?

  2. Comment by Katherine Gullett:

    Exquisite attention to detail. The fabric is wonderful and looks as if it would swirl to the dance, which it looks like she is about to perform. The mask is alluring and a little dangerous, I love this combination of beauty and danger. Her make up is impeccable too!

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