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Vickie Snead



I have been sewing for over forty-five years.  I love sewing and sew for a variety of dolls and make my own patterns.  I also do numerous other crafts.  My husband and I live in the mountains of Northern Virginia with our four beagles. I have always loved the movie “Cinderella” and I fell in love with the costuming of the new 2015 Disney remake.  When I saw the doll we would be designing for, Cinderella instantly came to mind! I loved creating this costume!

“Cinderella Marries the Prince”  

The Story:

 When Evangeline arrived she stepped out of the box and informed me immediately “I am Cinderella and I am going to marry a prince.  I need a gown right away and it better be a good one!”  What a diva!


The Outfit:

This costume consists of 8 pieces made from an assortment of fabrics and materials. The skirt and top are made from a few different fabrics such as satin, organza and an overlay of chiffon on which I hand painted the flowers.  The top – features a long sleeved overlay with a pointed bottom and has a corset style underlay. Flower tiara –made from golden wire and enamel flowers.

Vickiie 5







  1. Comment by Susan Campbell:

    Beautiful sewing such great work lovely hand painted flowers. Love your work!

  2. Comment by Carol:

    Very beautiful. Talent must run in the family, how do I vote?

  3. Comment by Melissa:

    Love this so much.

  4. Comment by Deb Surawski:

    love Love Love!!!
    This dress is beautifully designed with just the right fabrics to create the lovely flow and look of it. I love the hand painted flowers on the dress and the wire tiara with flowers painted to match. The jewelry goes fantastic with the dress. Cinderella is sure to win the heart of the prince wearing this exquisite creation.

  5. Comment by Pandi:

    Absolutely Beautiful, I Love this. You do awesome work!

  6. Comment by Dee:

    Awesome….beautifully made…are those flowers painted or embroidered? either way it’s just adorable.

  7. Comment by Blue:

    Excellent work on a very tough fabric to work with, love the hand painted flowers.

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