#5 Judith Markich

Judith Markich

My career began as Judith Dorsman, Fashion Designer, then on to Costume Design. I designed for many Australian films including “Picnic at Hanging Rock”, for which I received a BAFTA nomination.

I now design for fashion dolls as a hobby and enjoy the challenge. It has given me a chance to utilize my collection of vintage pieces that have accumulated from my years in both the fashion and costume industry. I also owned a Costume Hire business for many years.


“Hello Dolly”

The Story:

 Everyone knows Barbara Streisand is Evangeline’s idol so when it came to choosing a favorite movie and dressing her as a character from that movie there was only one choice! Dolly Levi in the movie “Hello Dolly”. When it came to deciding which gown she would wear there was also really only one choice. It had to be gold! So Evangeline is wearing her version of Barbara’s gown. Watch out, she may burst into song any minute.


The Outfit:

The costume consists of 6 pieces. The gown, headpiece, necklace, gloves, petticoat and boots. The gown is made from gold silk and covered in fine gold net/mesh and lined. The silk panels have been fused to give the fabric enough body to hold the hand beading that covers the gown. The headpiece is made from peacock flue feathers that have been dyed different shades, curled, and attached to a gold leather headband. The petticoat has a pannier attached to give Evangeline the Edwardian shape over the hip area. A large proportion of the beads used are vintage. Many needles were broken!




 Backview Threequarterrear


  1. Comment by Dianna Bird:

    How long did it take you to do all that work??? fabulous job

    • Comment by Judith Markich:

      Dianna, It was spread over 5 weeks. Life kept getting in the way. 🙂 I did sections at a time and took a break. It was doing things in the right order that was tricky! Thanks, Judith

  2. Comment by Judith Markich:

    Thank you everyone for all the lovely comments. “Dolly” will enjoy having her moment to shine on the Runway and I’m sure she will be very happy in her new home after the auction. 🙂

  3. Comment by Jeri Berlin:

    This is my vote for the best costume in the contest! The ability to bead and still have tight folds in the hips speaks for skill and talent. The color palette is great too!

  4. Comment by Jeffery Brinagh:

    I just love the whole costume from headdress to hem its beautiful

  5. Comment by Jean Cadden:

    That famous Hello Dolly dress is iconic, and this one is instantly recognisable. It is a tremendous achievement from a wonderful designer who surpasses herself every time.

  6. Comment by Victoria Raker:

    Glorious work! Spectacular rendition!

  7. Comment by Maureen Cannizzaro:

    Absolutely gorgeous.I am sure it took a lot of time and beads to decorate the gown. I love it.

  8. Comment by Susan E. Daley:

    Perfect as Oh Dolly. love all the beadwork. Wonderful in every way

  9. Comment by Sherri Travers:

    Breathtaking! So amazingly like the dress which I fondly remember from that fantastic movie. Bravo!!!

  10. Comment by Shara Smith:

    Janice .. Just spectacular in every detail! Can’t wait to see it in person! Wonderful work:)

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