#5 by Helen Skinner

Lost in Time

The Story:

As she hobbled into the living room, Sydney found herself giggling with delight.  She called her momma from the kitchen to come and see what she’d found while exploring in the attic.  Many of the treasures hidden away there belonged to her grandmother who passed on when Sydney was ten.  In particular, Gramomma’s trunk proved to be a discovery in fashion fun!

As if turning back time, Sydney stepped through the doorway to show off her finery.  She stopped still when Grampa looked at her with tears in his eyes.  Her flash of guilt dissolved into a smile when he tells Sydney that she is the perfect image of her grandmother on the day he asked her to be his bride.  Grampa chuckled and closed his eyes, remembering.  She had been so elegant and cultured while he was just a fumbling, self-conscious, hay seed.  What she ever saw in him was a mystery.  Then again, love is a magic like no other!

The Outfit:

Sydney has been carefully repainted with artist grade acrylics, then sealed with a matte finish.  Her ensemble is a silver-blue velvet sheath dress with fine gold-blue lace over skirting.  A lace bolero jacket, matching hat and purse complete her voyage through time.  Her lovely shoes are from Facets by Marcia.

Helen Skinner has been reimagining dolls and their costumes for many years.  She is pleased to have the opportunity to create this one of a kind beauty for Fashion Doll Runway. You can contact Helen at:  mskinzo@aol.com


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  1. Comment by Carol Donovan:

    Wow, so pretty!

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