#2 by Val Hays


The Story:

It was Sydney’s big break:  A small but pivotal role in a major motion picture.  The original screen play gave Maleficent a sister, one with darker tendencies and a vengeful spirit.  After wrapping, Sydney received a call from the producers.  They decided to give the movie a happy ending.  So sadly, Sydney watched her big break end up on the cutting room floor.

The Outfit:

Sydney wears a medieval trained gown of fuchsia holographic dragon skin with hand trimmed hems, a smoke colored tulle cape with a standing collar that snaps to the back of the dress.  She carries a staff and wears a wired cap with magnificent sculpted horns that glitter darkly.

The Artist:

Val Hays is the owner of C’est La Mode, a site dedicated to vintage patterns for dolls and women that have been reissued using modern printing methods.   You can visit her site at www.cestlamodepatterns.com



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