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While MDCC® doesn’t stock an inventory for sale,  after convention we sometimes have extra souvenir dolls & other collectibles from events available.  We offer these beautiful, limited edition dolls and accessories for purchase here on our website, at our club sales table during convention and occasionally on eBay.

Please Note: Until further notice, we can only accept PayPal for payment on orders made or shipping outside of the United States.

  • Due to limited availability, please do not order more than two of any particular doll per 24 hour period without confirming availability.
  • Shipping to addresses within the Continental United States–$14 for the first doll, and $3 for each additional doll in the same order shipped to the same address— will be automatically calculated by the cart.  Please email for shipping rates to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and destinations outside the United States before placing your order.
  • In most cases, items are shipped in the manufacturer’s shipper.  If you wish additional packaging, it will cost extra.  Please email the orders department to discuss shipping details.
  • Our secure shopping cart has an automatic default to USPS.  For larger orders, we can ship UPS if you prefer. Just put a note in your order. When in doubt, email us.
  • All prices are in US dollars.  Check the box next to the item you would like to purchase, then go to the bottom of the page & select “Add to Cart”.

“Anna-Bell” in hiking gear by Berdine Creedy“Hiking the 7 Wonders of the World” event souvenir, MDCC® 2015: $390img_0048-2“Nina” with trunk from MDCC® 2016 centerpiece from our final event by Berdine Creedy $450
moultontoobig“Abigail” by Pat Moulton.Exclusive Convention Souvenir, MDCC® 2015: $320Limited edition of 30

Alexia with picnic basket

Alexia with picnic basket

“Alexia” (Centerpiece) by Pat MoultonExclusive Convention Souvenir, MDCC® 2015: $320Limited edition of 10
ZoeBabysitter“Zoe Babysitter” by Kish & Co.Exclusive Convention Centerpiece, MDCC® 2015: $425Limited editionDejavu-s
“Deja Vu–Emma Jean at the Races” by Tonner Doll Co. Exclusive Convention Souvenir, MDCC® 2014: $185.00Limited edition of 200
Horsman-s2 “The Magic of Vita- 16 inch Ysla” by Horsman LTDevent souvenir, MDCC® 2014: $50.00bling-jpg-large “Bling- 16 inch Ysla” by Bo Bergemannevent souvenir, MDCC® 2016: $300.00img_0056
“Equestrian Riley” by Kish & Co.
 event centerpiece, MDCC® 2016: $250.00 photoAutum2
Autumn by Judy PorterExclusive Convention Souvenir, MDCC® 2015: $310
“Bedtime Story Riley” by Kish & co
event souvenir, MDCC® 2015: $220.00
charmette 11 inch“Charmette” by Ruby Red Galleria “Charmed to Meet You!” seminar doll, MDCC® 2014: $199.00
“April” by Judy Porter Event centerpiece, MDCC® 2015: S350
Oldenburg-sOldenburg Originals “Twilight Fairy”souvenir from MDCC® 2014

Kim Lasher Emerald “Emerald” by Kim Lasher
“Triple Crown” event souvenir, MDCC® 2016: $355
“Diamond” by Kim Lasher

“Triple Crown” $355

Kim Lasher Diamond (Photo Pending)
Kim Lasher Ruby Kim Lasher Ruby“Ruby” by Kim Lasher

“Triple Crown” event souvenir, MDCC® 2016: $355



  1. Comment by jennifer:

    hi I am still looking to buy Charlie Dodgson from a convention tonner had. if anyone knows where I can get one I’d really appreciate it. thanks

  2. Comment by Dianne Sims:

    I am hoping you can help me. I have a set of Helen Kish’s-two dolls ( Redmond and Charis) A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM WEDDING.

    This is a brand new set I thought I purchased from you as it was an exclusive for MDCC a few years ago. I am wanting to sell this set and I can’t find any information. Is there any info you can send me.


    Dianne Sims…excited to be attending your convention this year!

  3. Comment by annie stynen:

    I ordered Tabitha two weeks ago. Any idea when she will ship?
    My order # 2368 3553 3466


  4. Comment by Elyse:

    Do you still expect to get BonekaTabitha in stock or has she already sold out? Thank you.

  5. Comment by ANNIE STYNEN:

    I am very interested in the 10″ Tabitha by Boneka. $250.00
    She was the Mystery draw/ event souvenir for MDCC 2014
    Please let me know if/when she is available.
    Annie Stynen

  6. Comment by Sue Herba:

    Sorry to have missed the last couple of MDCC’s.
    They are alaways so much fun! Medicial issues have taken precedence over everything else for the past 3 years! Hope to have things under control soon….How tall is the Maggie Made Mary Jane from 2012?

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