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2018 Modern Doll Collectors Convention® “Belles of the Bayou”

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  1. Comment by Gilda Dreher:

    What are the dates and times the sales room will be open for both setup and sales?

    • Comment by Charles Brown:

      Do you have a registration packet? That information should be in there – if not, contact the registrar ( for details.

  2. Comment by Trudy Lindsay:

    How do I sign up for printable props? I am a new doll collected and Love to make clothes for my girls.

    • Comment by Charles Brown:

      There have only been a couple – it was a pet project of the former person who ran the website. If they’re not still on the download page I’ll see if I can get them back up by the end of the week.

  3. Comment by Michelle M.:

    Is there a marketplace at this event to buy artist dolls? If so, is there a list of the artists or venders that will be selling at the market?

    • Comment by Charles Brown:

      There will be a dealer’s room with some artists dolls. I don’t think the list has been finalized. We usually announce it in the Facebook page once it is, and I may get a list to post here but that doesn’t always happen.

  4. Comment by Barbara Prichard:

    Do you maintain a list of your past conventions and the dolls from those conventions?

    • Comment by Charles Brown:

      We try – it hasn’t been updated as often as we’d like though, so the last three years may be a little spotty. Check the “Past Conventions” area for details.

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