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  1. Comment by Edward Huber:

    I am curious if there are any of the pidgin red shoes doll available for purchase.

  2. Comment by Heidi Fieldston:

    I have a large number of Doll Reader magazines to sell or otherwise pass on. How would I find folks interested in them?

  3. Comment by Sandra Davis:

    Is there a doll show in Dedham at the Holiday Inn on April 9th?

  4. Comment by Louise:

    just one question when do we get our packet to sign up for the different luncheons and dinners for the sept convention ? Thank you Louise

  5. Comment by Erin Foreman:


    I was looking for the Opening Night Sydney doll. Would you have any for sale? If so, how much would the doll cost and I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

    Thank you!

    • Comment by sweethreads:

      Hi Erin,
      I don’t think we have any of these dolls left but I will forward your message to inventory and they will contact you if there are any remaining.


  6. Comment by sweethreads:

    Hi Vicki,

    I’m sorry but our salesroom vendors must be registered convention attendees. If you are interested in attending MDCC 2014, you can register online or contact Karen at She will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


  7. Comment by Denise Decio:

    Do you need somebody to help you as a volunteer? I love dolls and I am free to help you guys. I can help with set up and so on!! I don’t have stuff to donate, but I can help with you need!! I live in Orlando.

    • Comment by sweethreads:

      Hi Denise,

      Thanks for volunteering to help out, however, you would need to be a registered attendee, participating in the convention in order to work at any of the events. If you would like to join us at convention, please email our registrar, Karen, at She will be happy to answer any question you may have and help get you registered!


  8. Comment by Paul:

    My wife passed away a couple years ago and left an extensive doll collect – Marie Osmond, Seymour Mann…etc. What would be the best way to sell these – preferrably the entire lot? I live in Northwest Indiana. Is there a local doll collectors organization?

    Thank you

    • Comment by sweethreads:

      Our breakout event packet is coming soon! If you are registered, you will receive it as soon as it is made available to all the attendees.


  9. Comment by Andrea:

    I am wondering who is the artist of the doll with the pink hair at the top of the page? It’s the one right above the words “doll collectors” at the top. Thanks!

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