In Memoriam: April Millican

MDC lost a good friend recently. April Millican, a past board member (and our original webmistress), has left us and moved on to her better place. (See her obituary below). In her Honor we have decided to make people smile.

What we are asking is that you send us someone’s name and why they need a smile. The MDC board will go over all submissions and choose deserving people to receive one of the following dolls.

Do you know someone who needs a smile?

Modern Doll is giving away one each of the following:

  • Pat Moulton, Abigail
  • Judy Porter, Autumn
  • Ruby Red Galleria, Charmed to Meet You Charmette
  • Horsman, Mesmerizing Vita
  • Maryanne Oldenburg, Twilight and Lizzy.

Please send the following information to be considered to

Recipient’s Name:
Your Name:
Email Address:
Why this person needs a smile:

Which doll you believe give them a bigger smile: (feel free to list alternates)

If your nominee is chosen we will follow up with you for the address to mail the doll to and to include a note stating that you* are the person to thank.
*You may remain anonymous if you wish.

April L. Millican

1953 – 2016 Obituary Condolences
Beloved wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend April L. Millican, 62, passed away January 21, 2016 at Citrus Memorial Hospital in Inverness, Florida. She was born Oct 24, 1953 in Tampa, Florida.

She is survived by her loving husband of 43 years, Mark S. Millican, her daughters Mary Amanda Millican and Elizabeth Ann Millican, her mother Mary Emmerson, her sister Carol Gillette, her brothers John Gillette and Mike Gillette, and her cats, Teddy and Gracie.

April was well traveled, having accompanied Mark and their daughters and on numerous tours of duty overseas. She was an avid doll collector, quilter, crafter, writer, and computer enthusiast. She was also a voracious reader and would read (or listen to) an entire book practically every day. A favorite saying of hers was “you must have a sense of the ridiculous to survive” and she lived that way, quick to laugh and enjoy life’s simpler pleasures. Her widely varied interests, and true love of people, stories, and conversation made her many dear friends throughout her life from near and far. She was always willing to help anyone who needed it with advice or encouragement.

Services will be held Wednesday, January 27th at 11am, with a reception beginning at 10am, at <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Chas E. Davis Funeral Home</a>, 3075 S. Florida Avenue in Inverness, Florida. She will be buried at the <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Florida National Cemetery</a> in Bushnell, FL.

April believed the best way to change the world was one person at a time, so in lieu of flowers or donations to any specific charity, if you wish to remember her best, find someone in need and help them with a gift, a meal, or just some lively encouraging conversation.

Published in Citrus County Chronicle on Jan. 25, 2016


  1. Comment by Elly Millican:

    Thank you so much, this is a perfect tribute. She would have loved this.

  2. Comment by Carol "Inky" Gillette:

    My name is Carol “Inky” Gillette. April Millican was my big sister. I just wanted to thank you for honoring her with this giveaway. She would have been more than pleased. Dolls were her passion and the time she spent with her friends at Modern Doll were some of her happiest.

    I looked up an old Facebook post she made for Thanksgiving 2013 and thought I’d share it as it mentions many of her doll friends and favorite designers. Thank you again for your well wishes and prayers during her last illness. –Inky

    April Millican
    November 28, 2013

    I’d like to thank all of the people who haved touched my life through dolls over the years, most especially Marge Rice who shared her knowedge and a first hand look at dolls I’d only read about back in 1978.

    To Helen Kish, who created the first doll I wanted badly enough that it spawned my career as a ghostwriter in order to buy it.

    To Robert Tonner for bringing the 14″ Betsy McCall into my life.

    Thanks to Clara and Paul Bailey, Shirley Dyer, Jean Stanton, and Annette Hilger for making my first Betsy McCall Convention an experience I wanted to repeat as often as possible.

    To Marl Davidson, who took a chance on me when I was first designing websites back in the nineties, a very special thanks for her loving friendship.

    Scott Gram, Allison Andreyk Kullenberg, and Joe Blitman who taught me all about Barbie Conventions – you have no idea what a blessing knowing you has been.

    Allan Finkelstein – bleeding heart liberal I love for allowing me an inside look into the doll industry, thus spawning yet another career as a consultant to doll manufacturers.

    Jim Faraone for putting on a doll convention that celebrates creativity and diversity.

    Sandra Stillwell for giving me an appreciation of Mel Odom and Gene.

    Ruth Leif and Judith Whorton for bringing me onto the board of the Modern Doll Collectors Convention

    Melissa Windham for sharing her sweetness and artistry with me over many years. I will never forget you.

    Carol Dwyer and Annette Goodreau who show me every day I am not alone in my fight.

    Del Wilson and Milly Miller – who have been among my dearest friends for almost fifty years.

    Kurt Van Buskirk-Woods and Theo Woods who make me laugh and smile at the antics of newlyweds.

    Vince Nowell who reminds me that it’s possible to be creative on a bad day.

    Thanks to Harlan Coben for creating Myron Bolitar, Michael Connelly Books for Hiram Bosch, Lee Childs for Jack Reacher, Stuart Woods for Stone Barrington, Lawrence Block for Matt Scudder, Robert Parker for Spenser, and all of the other writers out there who make their wonderful mysteries available on Audible so that people like me can read them when our eyes don’t work.

    There are so many romance writers on my list, I dare not try to name them. However, I would really appreciate it if Susan Elizabeth Phillips would write faster.

    I know I left people out, but I”m older than I used to be, so give me a break.