2016 Fashion Doll Runway Entries

Our Fashion Doll Runway Entries (and results) for 2016 are:

Thursday, September 22nd, 9:15 – 11pm,


  • This year, our model was the 18.5 inch Evangeline Ghastly fashion doll by Wilde Imagination.    .
  • Entries will be displayed at MDCC 2016®  in Louisville, Kentucky and auctioned off to benefit our charity, which was chosen by Berdine Creedy of Berdine Creedy Originals: Paternoster Peoples’ Partnership (also on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/paternosterproject) to help fund The Paternoster Art School a school teaching the disciplines of dance, music, art and craft for kids between the ages of 9 and 12. For more details, visit their website, listed above.
  • The theme this year is the same as for our convention – “Jewels & Juleps”; our artists are asked to redress their doll in an outfit relating in some manner to this theme, along with a short description of the outfit and a very story about how it fits the theme.
  • In addition to winners chosen by our professionals, online and “in person” voting will decide a “People’s Choice” award – online voting will close on the morning of September 21

Janice Walthers, from Carrollton, Texas, has retired and now is globe-trotting as well as enjoying dolls. jw1

1. “Miss Kentucky Derby”

jwalters Hello, my name is Mariah Parker.  This is the first time I entered a beauty contest.  With much encouragement from my boyfriend, Josh, I decided to try.  I have always loved to help those who need assistance in everyday living.  I volunteer at my church, the local Police Department, and emergency response team.  It has been a difficult challenge with so many beautiful and talented ladies to compete against.  To my surprise I have made it to the finals.  I made my dress for the evening gown competition tonight.  The pattern was from my friend Tyler Wentworth.  I choose a material with large red metallic dots, like one of the shirts Josh wears when he races horses, it seems to be lucky when he wears it.   I hope the dots will be lucky for me also. Help me look for Josh tonight at the Fashion Runway to cheer me on.  Wish me luckThe dress is lined with red satin.  the over dress is a red soft material with a red metallic thread running through it, and large red metallic dots.  The shoes are also made from the dress material.  The jewelry, hair and face up all done by Janice. hleonarddetial1

mj1 Marian Jasper of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, was a designer for Pittsburgh Originals and her work was featured on the cover of Dolls Magazine and she was nominated for the Dolls Awards of Excellence. She has published a successful line of patterns for 16″ fashion dolls and taught workshops at many doll conventions. She also was a regular contributor to the Gene Scene magazine

2. “A Day at the Races”


Peoples’ Choice winner

2nd Place Winner Overall

evieattheraces5 While visiting friends in the States, Evangeline was thrilled to be invited to accompany them to the Kentucky Derby.  She had hoped to be invited, packing the ensemble she had once made for Ascot was a good idea!  Was it too fancy for the Americans?  She didn’t care.  “If I’m over the top at least my friends won’t lose me in the crowd!” Meeting up with her friends she had so many questions.  “I would love to bet on a horse. Which one has the most excellent name? And what is a mint julep?”  It should be an interesting day!Evangeline is dressed for her day at the races in a 1950’s inspired tea length dress of black netting embellished with fused glitter applique roses and leaves over a mint green sand washed silk taffeta.  Her embellished picture hat and shoes compliment her dress.  I designed and made the fabric for the dress and it is almost completely hand sewn.  Her hat and shoes are also totally hand made.  She is carrying one of my hand crafted mint juleps as well.

vsnead Vickie Snead I am honored to be part of 2016 Modern Doll Convention Runway.  I love that the sale of my creation will go to help a charity that teaches children about the arts.  Most of my fashions are one of a kind outfits and I draft my own patterns.  I love sewing, reading, and painting.  I am from southern Virginia but am now living in the northern part of the state.

3. “Demure Debut”

vsneadfeet It was late on a clear spring evening and Evangeline sat in the attic and day-dreamed about going to the ball. Few people knew that she designed many of her own clothes and she decided she wanted a departure from the dark gothic look that had dominated her wardrobe. Instead she would be the opposite – white, pure, innocent, and demure. She would be devastating with the new look. She grabbed her sketch book and soon had her creation ready. She sat back and sipped her mint julep and fell asleep dreaming about her debut at the ball. Evangeline wears a demure tea length ball gown of white satin that is accented with organza trim with pearl accents at the neckline, waist, and the top of the bottom ruffle which is gathered white lace and is accented with a satin ribbon bow and pearl bead strands.   The sleeves are made from the same lace as the ruffle and each has a tiny pearl bead ‘button’.  Three pearl bead ‘buttons’ are hand sewn on the front.  It closes in back with tiny hand sewn metal snaps.  Her stockings are white mesh thigh high with lingerie elastic tops (she also has a pair of white panties).  I made her a double strand of glass pearl beads choker style necklace and a double strand pearl beads bracelet, both have magnetic clasps.  Her earrings are also glass pearl beads.  I purchased her shoes and accented them with half pearl beads. Her hair is tied back with a white satin ribbon. She has a tiny mint julep to sip on.  She is looking forward to the “Jewels and Juleps” ball. vsnead1

Farrah Harper of MaddAlice Designs, repaint by Patricia Reno of PGR Spa. Designing for dolls began with helping my mother, Susan Grindstaff, in her shop. When health concerns made it impossible for her to continue, I took over. Everything I know, I learned from her. fh1

4. “Gracelyn’s Revenge”

fharperface Evangeline Repaint by Patricia Reno The Kentucky Derby did not have dress balls associated with the event until decades after the first Derby, but we decided that they SHOULD have, so Gracelyn’s Revenge was created as an homage to the first Kentucky Derby and what a ball attendee might have looked like and worn. Days before the ball our Gracelyn discovers that her betrothed has been romancing another. Determined to face the world with her head held high, she not only attends the ball, but determines to outshine them all! What better way to do that than to wrap oneself in gold and pearls?This outfit is done as an interpretation of a Victorian ball gown. The fabrics used include shimmery golden crushed taffeta that is rouched to the side and accented with a beaded pearl applique. The bodice is done in a baroque themed brocade in rose, gold, and ivory. Under-skirting in white satin with lush scalloped embroidered lace edging. The outfit also features sheer gold arm gauntlets, beaded choker, and hair adornment/fascinator. fharperhatside

cn1 Carol Noel,from Orrville, Ohio is a doll enthusiast since infancy! Sewing is “second nature” since she learned from her Gramma Helen as a child. She’s been working in the Information Technology sector since 1968 and currently planning to retire next year so she can have more time to play with dolls! *Tie* Overall 3rd Place

5. “Miss Evangeline Gets Ready for Derby Day”

(or “Mint Julep in Hand”)

cnoeldetail She wants you to know that each article of clothing is made for just this one occasion! Her hat inspiration – humming bird. Mint julep in hand, poring over the lineup in her race form decides on the wagers to place and eager for the outcome!!Researched what other folks have worn over the years to Derby Day and decided that she needed some sparkle to add excitement to her sedate attire. Beading took many hours but well worth the time spent because the outcome is under-stated yet glitters in the sunlight. Cami & panties in soft cotton knit, lace trim and double silk ribbon straps. Slip is made of tulle and has bottom ruffle enclosing fabric flower petals for added fluff Separates: Sheer lavender floral fabric has been languishing in my stash for many years for just this creation. Skirt is two tier, full rounded flare, zipper & hook closure and beaded hem. The dark beads are from my dwindling stash from my Grammie. Top is wrap front, with beaded ruffle collar and peplum. Beaded, braded belt has JEWELED button buckle Accessories: Hat is created from lavender trim, glued and lined, then trimmed with braided beaded band, array of fabric flowers and a vintage sparkle bird. Shoes were painted with deep purple nail polish and adorn with the same trim used to make the hat and a few accent beads. This trim is a very close color match to the outfit fabric, each side was deconstructed and braided separately along the shoe sides, then joined to make the heel rise, then again separate braids to tie around the ankle. noelunderf
cnoel1  cnoelshoes noelunderback

Pam Banks has enjoyed a thirty career as a seamstress, doing alterations, fine sewing and tailoring. Her company, “Sew Much the Better” specializes in Wedding, Prom and Special Occasion dresses. She was delighted to welcome her first granddaughter this year. Just for the fun of it, and knowing that her creation will aid our charity, she submitted her entry for the 2016 Fashion Doll Runway. Prefers no photo so here's a Kentucky Derby hat

6. “Coming Rhett”

pbanksflowers Well stamp my feet! The Gravedigger’s Ball is tonight and Mort has invited that little hussy Scarlett! He’ll be sorry when he see me there. My dressmaker has been working her fingers to the bone on the gown. A few final touches and I am ready to go. Good thing, I believe I hear my escort at the door. Time to knock ‘em dead! I’m coming Rhett!Overdress is mint taffeta with gold and silver dots and sequins. Bodice is fully lined and snaps down the back. Underskirt is also mint taffeta with matching tulle ruffle and closes with hook and eye. A purple orchid adorns the waist and have gold lace and leather boots on her feet. All jewels by “Facets by Marcia”. pbanksshoes

hs1 Helen Skinner is married, self-employed and lives in Ridgeland SC. She loves humming birds and is a talented seamstress and artist. *Tie* 3rd Place Overall

7. “Opalescent Evangeline”

hskinnereye On a dark and stormy night, one can imagine so many poor souls hiding in the comfort of their abodes. Not our dear Evangeline. Dressed to kill, she makes an appearance in her customary dramatic way. Her sparkling opals catch the light, shooting fiery colors to match her personality. Know her flare for the unexpected, we can be sure this will be a night to remember. Evangeline is a one-of-a-kind creation by Helen Skinner. Her eyes have been replaced with beautiful glass eyes of deep amethyst. Her jewelry has fine fittings and can be cleaned with jewelry cleaner that is safe for opals and crystals. Her wig is carefully pinned on and can easily be changed if you wish to change her style with her mood.

hl1 Hilary Leonard First a daughter, sister, schoolgirl, student; sailed to USA, worked, studied more. Also was a flirt, good friend, fiancée, wife, mother, gardener, fundraiser, and Professor. Retired, I’m a student, grandmother, dog rescuer, cancer survivor, joined Red Hats and a Doll Club. Now what else I shall become? Overall Winner

8. “The Winner’s Bouquet”

hleonardparasol  My story: Evangeline loved the ladies’ hats in the old paintings of horses and riders hanging in Barkley Manor’s attic. She and her binoculars were well-known at nearby Newmarket, the very Home of Horseracing, thus she was not surprised when invited to present the winners rose bouquet at the Kentucky Derby. Evangeline planned her outfit to suit the day, and the history of racing – and, of course, copied an attic hat! Once in America, Evangeline wanted a souvenir handbag – it had to be a shoulder bag, the bouquet she must carry was huge – and she bought a matching sunshade.The rose-printed fitted cotton dress, lined in white batiste, has a white batiste front panel embellished with red soutache. The scalloped hem is slightly lower in the back; the fastenings are an invisible back zipper and press stud on the halter. The cutaway short coat (a nod to riding history) is self-lined white (a nod to the first Derby roses) chiffon, with red rose trim; the gathered back and sleeves are finished with the same red rose trim. The handmade red papier maché hat base, covered in large red rose petals, is embellished with 2 types of small red roses; the upturned brim is covered in a huge white chiffon 3-tiered bow, embellished with red rose trim. Dress, coat, cream polyester lace-trimmed petti-bra and French panties all hand sewn except for panty waist; handmade cork platform shoes; bought red sunshade for 18″ doll, embellished with appliques of handbag fabric. Handbag hand sewn of Kentucky Derby cotton fabric, contains bought tiny ‘functional’ camera and house keys, and a tiny hanky I made. Evangeline wears her binoculars, ‘gold’ bracelets, Mort locket, and carries the winner’s bouquet of 60 red roses tied with red ribbons. hleonardfeet

Mary Mary Goodreau It is fortunate that our Audio Visual Specialist needs no introduction, as she did not provide one in time (this may change in the near future).

9. “This Old Thing”

fdr9.2 While Evangeline was vacationing in London, she received an invitation from her dear friend to attend the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. It was late as she booked her trip to Louisville but she managed to juggle her schedule so that she could meet with her old friend and go.  She would not have time to get a new dress so she surveyed her wardrobe and came up with the outfit she wore at the Ascot races.  It was a white dress with black and white trim, similar to the one in My Fair Lady.  When she arrived and dressed, her friends exclaimed how great she looked.  Evangeline replied: “Oh, this old thing? I have had it forever!” fdr9.3