A goodie to enjoy while you wait!

Our convention packets with full details on our manufacturers and artists won’t go out to attendees until June.  In the coming weeks we may post selected teasers and tiny tidbits– you’ll have to wait and see!

In the mean time, we hope you’ll enjoy the first edition in a series of MDCC Printable Props®  that we’ll be posting each month.  This one is a graphic shopping bag that you can download, print out and assemble.  It works for all sizes—a big bag for smaller dolls or a sassy gift bag for your largest BJD’s.  Just click on the photo below to get started!





  1. Comment by jean parfet:

    When can i sign up for an event/meal with doll , etc
    I am already registered and paid for the 2014 con

    • Comment by Barb Keegan:

      Packets will come out the end of June or early July… Some have to go reg mail so the committee wants those people to have the same oppurtunity to sign for events so a few days later, we will be able to sign up//They will let us know when it is a go..Barb

  2. Comment by Barb Keegan:

    My emails are not showing up at all at MDCC group..Could someone please see if I am blocked and if I am why?
    Keeping writing is becoming frustrating Thanx Barb K

    • Comment by sweethreads:

      You aren’t blocked, Barb. We just moderate all the comments (from every user– not just you) and, depending on what time of day they are submitted, it can take a while for us to get to each comment. Thanks for understanding!

  3. Comment by Andria:

    What a TERRIFIC idea!!! Looking forward to seeing everyone in Orlando.